About Us

Blind dates are a thing of the past. In our modern, online world, you can sift through potential suitors and learn almost everything there is to know about them before committing to meet up—so why should movies be any different?

Your time is valuable. You shouldn’t have to go to the effort of getting to the cinema, finding (and paying for) a car park, purchasing over-priced food and contending with other, possibly not-so-polite movie-goers, just to find out you hate the movie you’ve spent a week’s pay to see. That’s where I come in.

Meet the Movie is the Tinder of the cinema world: get a snapshot of what’s available for you to see, and if it looks good on the surface, you can dig a little deeper. From brief descriptions and a simple ratings system to in-depth reviews and external resources, all the information you need to find the perfect movie date is available right here.

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